Schweizer Host is your choice in web hosting, virtual private server hosting, and cloud hosting. Our infrastructure is located in Switzerland, as is our company, at two ultra-secure datacenters in the Zürich area and is fully protected against DDoS attacks.

Our datacenters are equipped with five 10 Gigabit uplinks from different providers. In normal operation, traffic is routed via various uplinks from the Internet to our systems in the datacenter. All traffic takes the same route and is processed in the same way.

What happens during a DDoS attack? The DDoS Protection Service is active on any one of the five uplinks. In the event of a DDoS attack, the network with the affected host on the corresponding uplink is announced. As a result, all traffic to the affected network is “washed” and only the only the “good” traffic is forwarded to our datacenter infrastructure. The DDoS protection system can handle up to 150 Gbps DPI and over 1 Tbps L1-4 traffic.

Traffic flow during a DDoS attack: The network of the host affected by the DDoS attack is announced on the uplink with the active DDoS Protection. As a result, the traffic to the host is completely “washed” by the DDoS protection system. Only “good” traffic is allowed through the DDoS protection systems.

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