7 ways to protect your data

According to Microsoft, there are seven ways businesses can better protect data, and they suggest the following actionable steps that can help reduce vulnerability. Reduce threats with identity and access managementIdentity and access management can help reduce the risk.• Eliminate the need for multiple credentials with a single identity to access cloud and on-premise resources•… Continue reading 7 ways to protect your data

Why cybersecurity?

From a human perspective, according to Joseph Steinberg, the risks that cybersecurity addresses can also be thought of in terms better reflecting the human experience: Privacy risks: Risks emanating from the potential loss of adequate control over, or misuse of, personal or other confidential information. Financial risks: Risks of financial losses due to hacking. Financial… Continue reading Why cybersecurity?

Why hosting in Switzerland?

According to Swiss secure email provider ProtonMail, Switzerland has a long history of privacy and security, dating back over a century, and its laws are much more protective of individual privacy rights. In the US and EU, gag orders can be issued to prevent an individual from knowing they are being investigated or under surveillance.… Continue reading Why hosting in Switzerland?

Our datacenters in Switzerland

Schweizer Host offers shared, VPS and cloud hosting in Switzerland Schweizer Host is your choice in web hosting, virtual private server hosting, and cloud hosting. Our infrastructure is located in Switzerland, as is our company, at two ultra-secure datacenters in the Zürich area.  10 000 m2 of data center space with independent data center modules Tier-IV-Level ISO 27001 certified 24/7-monitoring 24/7-security personnel on-site with… Continue reading Our datacenters in Switzerland